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Champagne Dallancourt




Owners: Antoine et Virginie Lutun






Winemaker: Antoine Lutun


Vines: 4.5 Hectares.            


Age of Vines: Average age 35 years, Range 10 - 75 years


Ageing on the lees:   3 years NV, 4-.6  years Vintages


Annual Production:       14,000       6 pack cases

lthough relatively new to the business Antoine and Virginie have put together a house that has combined rapid development and marketing acumen with a selection of superior cuvées in a record space of time.


Concerned with the balance of nature between the terroir and the vines, they control the yield  and protect the soils at all cost whilst respecting the environment.


Remaining a family run House it will be interesting to see the evolution of the Maison Dallancourt over the next years. The current offerings are the cuvée Brut, Rosé and Blanc de blancs.




In 1927 the Juget Brunet family who were shopkeepers bought a few acres of vines in the terroir of Ay. Simoe Juget took over working the vines helped by her son, Michel Baudette, who married Marie France Dallancourt in1981. In 1999 Virginie Baudette and her husband Antoine Lutun brought together and began to work the vines of the two families and the Domain Dallancourt was created in 2010.

Antoine changed proffesoins and studied at the Lycee Viticole in Avize to gain the new expertise needed to care for the vines and subsequently the making of the wines.

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