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Champagne Jaques Chaput






Arrentières is a village located on the right bank of the Aube river, which gave its name to the department. This small area known as "barsuraubois" (the area surrounding the town of Bar-sur-Aube) distinguishes itself with its very specific soil giving the wines of Champagne an unequalled freshness and fruitiness.


During the 1950s, Jacques Chaput, Jacky's father,  actively contributed to replanting the vineyard on the soil where Benedictine monks had previously  cultivated grapevines in the XIIth century. An ancient walled farm, constructed  by Bernard de Clairvaux, is now used as a cellar for aging the finest blends (Grande Réserve "La Salamandre", Brut "L'Authentic", vintage Blanc de Blancs and Blanc-de-Noirs ).




The vines are grown in Culture Raisonné and Jacky remains as natural in the process as humanly possible. Jaques Chaput built up the vineyards in the fifties, but the family history dates back to 1730 or so and they have been working the vines since then. The vineyards cover 14 Hectares in the Aube, mostly in and around the village of Arrienteres.



The rigorous selection of vines, grape varieties and other wines from previous years allow Jacky  to master the quality and consistency of the wines through the blending process . The champagnes are regularly noticed and acclaimed both by professionals and by wine reference guides.

Jacky attended the Wine school in Avize with David Coutelas another of our producers coincidentally. His passion grew and he started to enlarge and expand the cuvées and develop the Brand. The wines started winning prizes and getting attention,  so he continued experimenting and his range now has some spectacular cuvées, the Blanc de Noirs, the Mythic which is a Blanc de blancs non dosé, l'Authentic a blend of Chardonnay, Oak aged Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and the Salamandre a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir aged for seven years before disgorging.

A little oak aging of the Chardonnay, as Jacky tells us in the video and none in the Blanc de Noirs, these are just great wines.



Owner: Jacky Chaput






Winemaker: Jacky Chaput

Vines: 14 Hectares.    


Age of Vines: Average age 35 years, Range 10 - 75 years


Ageing on the lees:   3 years NV, 4-7  years Vintages


Annual Production:       14,000       6 pack cases

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